Adolescent Work

Counselling For Adolescents

Do you feel stressed out about your adolescent? It is painful to see your child suffer. As parents we often feel helpless if we cannot help our children to overcome their challenges. We are pushed to our wits end and can sometimes feel inadequate. In addition, it can erode our own sense of self esteem since our children are an extension of ourselves.

Does your adolescent have some of the following symptoms?

  • Frequent temper tantrums
  • Belligerence towards you and others
  • Mood swings
  • Distant and withdrawn
  • Overly sensitive
  • Self critical
  • Social anxiety
  • Irrational behavior

Therapy with Lisa at Vancouver Counselling can help your adolescent to overcome his/her psychological hurdles. Adolescents often express their challenging emotions and concerns through their behaviour. They usually don't have the language or the insight to be able to articulate and release some of their difficult emotions. Lisa will assess your child's behaviour and then develop an effective treatment program for your child. Your child will then have the opportunity to learn and to practice some effective strategies to manage emotions and relationships more effectively.

Lisa provides a non-judgemental, nurturing counselling environment at Vancouver Counselling in which your adolescent will feel safe to express and release his or her challenging emotions. She also has an eclectic clinical approach which helps her to provide effective treatment with a broad range of adolescents.

How will counselling at Vancouver Counselling improve your adolescent's life:

  • Increased sense of self esteem
  • More relaxed and confident
  • Improved ability to express anger effectively
  • Improved ability to identify and to express emotions
  • Healthier relationships with peers and adults
  • Higher level of frustration tolerance

Call today for a 20 MINUTE FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION. During this consultation, Lisa will ask you some questions in order to assess your adolescent's psychological concerns and family situation. She will also ask about what you hope your adolescent and family will gain through the counselling. And you will have the opportunity to ask Lisa any questions about her work families.

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